Istanbul's Blue Mosque, 398 years today

One of the most famous monuments of Turkish and Islamic art, the Blue mosque is visited by all who come to Istanbul and gains their admiration.

Istanbul's Blue Mosque, 398 years today

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One of the most well known symbols of Istanbul, the Blue Mosque opened its doors to worshippers on this day, 398 years ago. The vast dome that has filled with prayers of believers, is one where one of the most beautiful azaan in the city is recited.

Rising into the sky of the historic peninsula, the Blue Mosque, the only mosque originally with six minarets in the world, is one of the most magnificent pieces of architecture that was built during the golden era of the Ottoman empire. One of the most famous works of architechture in the Turkish and Islamic world, has adorned the Istanbul skyline for centuries.


With six minarets, the Ottoman designed Sultanahmet mosque and accompanying social complex has a unique place in history and was opened today 398 years ago.

From an artistic and architectural point of view, was built during the reign of Ahmed I, the imperial mosque was built by Sedefkar Mehmed Agha and is one of the most fundamental pieces that encompasses the Istanbul skyline silouhette. Taking on the name of Ahmed I, the mosque stamps its symbolism as a work of art of the 17th century.

Carrying the legacy of his master

The architect Sedefkar Mehmet Aga was a student of Mimar Sinan, the greatest architect of classical Turkish architecture. After his death, took up the torch from his master. He applied a plan used previously by his master, but on a larger scale. Construction began in 1609 and completed in 9th June 1617.

Decorated with more than 20,000 blue, green and white Iznik tiles, the domes of the mosque are adorened with detailed pen work. Illuminated with countless windows, the mosque has a blue coloured hue, hence its name, Blue Mosque by visitors to the mosque.


It also is decorated with traditional floral motifs on many of its tiles. Sultan Ahmet Mosque occupies a focal point in city tours for tourists and locals alike, together with the numerous monumental buildings and museums in the vicinity.

The Blue Mosque is one of the most important works of architecture and a rare venue when the prostration of believers has been carried through centuries and in centuries to come.

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