Jasmila Zbanic's latest film premieres in Sarajevo

The film is based on the experiences of an Australian actress who stayed at a hotel which had been turned into a rape camp in 1992

Jasmila Zbanic's latest film premieres in Sarajevo

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The latest film by Bosnian director Jasmila Zbanic "For Those Who Can Tell No Tales" premiered Tuesday night in Sarajevo.

 The film is based on a true story inspired by the experiences of Australian actress Kym Vercoe, who visited Visegrad (eastern Bosnia) as a tourist, knowing little or nothing about the past of the city, and stayed at the "Vilina vlas" hotel which had been turned into a rape camp in 1992. She spends a sleepless night in the hotel and after returning to Australia, researches the place and the war and learns that about 200 women had been raped and tortured at Vilina vlas.

 The theater play "Seven Kilometers north-east" was created after her research about the victims of systematic rape and genocide. The play was performed all over Australia, before finally arriving at Sarajevo where she met Zbanic, one of the most famous directors from the Balkans.

"When I found out what happened I was very upset. I could not understand that such a facility (hotel) is used and promoted as a rehabilitation center. I was upset that I spent the night there and shocked by the brutality of the crime. Upon returning home I could not stop thinking about the victims," said Vercoe, who plays a leading role in this movie.

"Kym's play is poetic and we wanted the movie to carry the soul of her play. Film has its own prescriptions and its own language, so it was interesting to watch the transformation from one media to another," director Jasmila Zbanic said at the press conference.

No memorial exists today for the victims in Visegrad and Vilina vlas. The President of the "Ćuprija" (The Bridge) association, Hikmet Karcic, told the Anadolu Agency that he hopes the movie will spark debates about the past.

"I sincerely hope that one day someone will appear in Visegrad who will condemn such acts. Spending the night at the hotel where someone had been raped causes outcry and very harrowing scenes. Jasmila's film may initiate discussions in our nation on the issue of cultural memories and monuments which are very important for all of what happened," said Karcic.

Jasmila Zbanic is famous for her war and post-war themed films, as well as those on the war's women victims. Her film "Grbavica" won the Golden Bear at the 56th Berlin International Film Festival.

The film "For Those Who Can Tell No Tales" premiered at Toronto Film Festival in September, and was shown last week at the festival in San Sebastian.

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