Kosovo seeks recognition through music

Kosovo’s historical city of Prizren has hosted a music fest called “Listen!” for the fourth time.

Kosovo seeks recognition through music


Kosovo since its declaration of independence has scrambled to be recognized by more countries. The administration has been using every way to convince other countries to recognize Kosovo as an independent country and not as a part of Serbia from which Kosovo separated in 2008.

One of the ways Kosovo utilized to get closer with other countries have been cultural events like music festivals. Kosovo’s historical city of Prizren has hosted a music fest called “Listen!” for the fourth time. Unlike previous years, music groups not only from regional countries but also others from different parts of the world attended the fest this year.

Groups from Germany, the US, the Netherlands and Spain took the stage in the city’s historical Shadirvan square and mesmerized attending music lovers. One of the groups that came for the festival is from Turkey. Other countries such as Macedonia, Montenegro, Croatia and Albania also sent music groups to Kosovo.

Commenting on the importance of the festival, the coordinator Marigona Krajku said “The music festival is one of the largest events organized in Kosovo. From the first day, we observed increasing interest. Activities and concerts start in the early hours and continue to mid night. This festival is really a significant step for improvement of Kosovo’s culture.”

A member of a Macedonian music group noted that they came to Kosovo even though they were not invited. “Because” he added “We heard this fest is extremely entertaining. As we see people love this fest.”

Apart from its political meaning, the festival was a unique opportunity for Kosovar people to listen 18 music groups from all around the world. The festival is planned to be organized in other Kosovar cities next year.

Güncelleme Tarihi: 19 Ağustos 2014, 14:32