Lahore's Istanbul Chowk spices up city's cultural life

Chowk, located in heart of Lahore, connects two different cultures in one city 

Lahore's Istanbul Chowk spices up city's cultural life

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Istanbul Chowk (square), located in the heart of Lahore, has added colors to the already rich architecture of Pakistan's cultural hub in recent years.

Inaugurated in November 2015 by Shehbaz Sharif -- the chief minister of Punjab province, of which Lahore is the capital -- and the Turkish ambassador to Pakistan Sadik Babur Gurkin, the newly beautified square is referred as "celebrating the deep and ever-lasting friendship between Pakistan and Turkey".

The new structure is designed by a group of famous Pakistani architects from Lahore College of Arts, Punjab University, and University of Engineering Lahore.

The idea was conceived in 2012 during the visit of Istanbul's Mayor Kadir Topbas amid an ever increasing partnership between the two countries in several sectors.

To keep the tradition alive, the design contains a pole with hundreds of bird houses erected in the middle of the square.

Thousands of birds, mostly pigeons, fly by Istanbul Chowk every day, which are fed by local people.

"Before this (structure), a model boat was placed here, and we even being locals, didn't know the name of this place," Mohammad Asif, a local resident, who now frequently visits the site to feed pigeons, told Anadolu Agency.

The new design, he observed, had changed the atmosphere here.


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