Late Kyrgyz author Chinghiz Aitmatov's home turned into museum

Kyrgyz author Chinghiz Aitmatov's house has been transformed into a museum.

Late Kyrgyz author Chinghiz Aitmatov's home turned into museum

The legacy of the famous Kyrgyz author Chinghiz Aitmatov's, who passed away recently, has been cemented after some parts of his home were transformed to museum. Aitmatov's family continue to live in the rest of the home where the author lived for 22 years. His books, photos, awards and portraits are now on display in the museum part of the home.

Aitmatov's wife Maria Aitmatova said she and her family made the decision to establish a museum for Aitmatov adding "We tried to preserved the things he used in his daily routine. We did not even change the their places. Our aim is to save his spirit in his home but I am not sure whether the visitors feel it. So far, people visiting the museum said they felt it. The selection of the staff to present in the museum was done by Ms. Aitmatova. Many of the author's personal belongings along with his awards, his piano and some films inspired by his novels are some of things put in the 7-room museum. On the walls, the visitors can see Aitmatov's photos taken with leaders and artists.

The dinner room is preserved as the author left it. The ceramics brought from Turkey as a gift constitute significant pieces of the museum. Moreover, portraits made by famous drawers also attract attention. Apart from them there are also three works of Suymonkul Chokmorov.

Maybe one of the most interesting parts of the museum, of course for literature lovers, is Aitmatov's office where his notes and books can be found. Crystal chess board and two dombras, a Kyrgyz traditional musical instrument, are also significant pieces.

Aitmatov cultural center to be opened soon

Aitmatov family seems to be determined that the museum is not enough to preserve his heritage, and they are now working to open a cultural center in honor of Chinghiz Aitmatov. Furthermore, they are in an effort to find funds for a larger museum. Explaining more on their project, Ms. Aitmatova said her son Eldar is working on it. "The project of building a cultural center is extremely important for us. One architect has been working for three years on the construction. We have received many demands from those who want to research on Aitmatov's works. For this we need a large place. This museum cannot meet this need."

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