Mystic Music Festival in Turkey's Konya

Turkey’s Konya has hosted the 10th International Mystic Music Festival, uniting people from around the world.

Mystic Music Festival in Turkey's Konya

The 10th Inernational Mystic Music Festival has brought a wide range of people from Azerbaijan to Pakistan, from Morocco to France, to the Turkish city of Konya. This festival, which began in 2004, has helped Konya to become one of the top three cities in the world in mystic music.

The nine day program hosted nine mystic music artists at the Hz. Mevlana Culture Center. So far, the festival has hosted 87 bands from 41 countries, and almost 1000 musicians.

Among the artists was the world renown central Asian singer Alim Kasimov, who is well-known for his breathtaking Azeri ‘mugam’ singing. His duet with his daughter Fargana amazed the audience in Konya.

Another superb performance was provided by the Rhoum al-Bakkali group, which performed the famous Shafshawan Bakkali meditation. Performances were done in various languages, with a wide range of instruments. Performers also decorated the stage with their extravagant cultural costumes.

The festival, which also celebrated the 806th birthday of the sufi mystic Jalaluddin Rumi, winded down with a grand finale performance by the Konya Tasawwuf Music group.

 Kuzey News Agency

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