Ottoman manuscripts displayed in Tirana, Albania

The official documents that shed light on Ottoman rule in the Balkans were gathered and presented in an exhibition in the Albanian capital Tirana. Fermans, or verdicts, were also included in the exhibition's collection, which will be carried to other cities.

Ottoman manuscripts displayed in Tirana, Albania


The "Ottoman Civilization in the Balkans" exhibition in Tirana, where 20 historical documents from the 15th and 20th centuries were brought together, was organized by the Yunus Emre Institute and Tirana National Museum.

The exhibition's opening ceremony was attended by Turkish ambassador to Tirana, Hidayet Bayraktar, as well as many scholars, politicians and other distinguished invitees.

The documents were issued to regulate social life in the Balkans where diverse ethnic and religious communities have been living together. They were mostly on ensuring people's security, maintaining peace, changing the day of bazaar from Sunday to Saturday due to Christians' church services and letters of thanks sent to the capital of the empire, Istanbul.

The deputy director of Albanian National Museum Dr. Dorian Koci underlined that the exhibition would cement Turkish-Albanian relations.

"We launched a very important exhibition. We are grateful to the Yunus Emre Institute. As the national museum we are always open to these kind of activities. I hope this event will be a chance to strengthen relations between two nations," he said.

In the opening ceremony, a piece of calligraphy artwork was given as a present to Professor Ferit Duka for his academic contribution regarding Ottoman rule in the Balkans. In his speech, Duka said the verdicts demonstrate Ottoman tolerance, justice and magnificence.

"Albanians have the chance of examining these verdicts for one week. I hope the documents presented here will reflect our 500-year common history as it deserves," he said.

The exhibition will later be carried to Durres and Elbasan after Tirana.

Güncelleme Tarihi: 14 Mayıs 2014, 15:50