'Turkey, a must see before you die'

World-Renowned Author Schultz says 'Turkey grabbed my imagination as a young girl'

'Turkey, a must see before you die'

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Patricia Schultz, the world-renowned author of the number one New York Times bestseller 1,000 Places to See Before You Die, said "One must see Turkey before you die." 

Schultz spoke exclusively to Anadolu Agency on Thursday at one of Canada's largest travel company Trafalgar’s ‘Midwinter Travel Tales’ reception. Describing Turkey and its people as "gracious and welcoming", she also said: "I think the world doesn’t much understand that Istanbul is the only city in the world that one foot is in Asia and one foot is in Europe." 

"My mother was born in Italy and so this makes me eastern Mediterranean. Turkey's people and culture is not foreign to me. Perhaps I was Turkish in my other life, I dont know. I'm from a big city, I'm from New York and I love large cities. I love the energy, the promise, the excitement. So Istanbul really spoke to me. I could go back anytime again. I love to get lost, I love the markets. I love the very fact that Istanbul, unique city in a way that you don’t find anywhere else," she added.

Derya Serbetci Acar, Director for Cultural and Tourism Affairs at the Turkish Consulate in Toronto, also told Anadolu Agency, "We aimed to turn this event, which was sponsored by our ministry, into a Turkish night by presenting our country's historical and touristic beauties especially Istanbul." 

Trafalgar’s reception and mini trade show was co-sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey, as it included a special whirling dervish presentation.

In a sweepstake at the end of the event, a couple won a five-day Canakkale vacation. The couple said they had visited Turkey before and returned with "unforgettable" memories and stated that they are very excited to visit once again.

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