Turkey's UNESCO heritage sites inadequate

Country located at crossroads of civilizations, says president of Turkish National Commission for UNESCO

Turkey's UNESCO heritage sites inadequate

Turkey is considered the cradle of civilization but has fewer UNESCO World Heritage sites than other nations.

In an exclusive interview with Anadolu Agency, Professor Ocal Oguz, president of the Turkish National Commission for UNESCO, said Turkey has 18 sites on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

"However, the league in which we are, the place in which we exist is not this. Why? Because we are a crossroads country. North, South, East and West every civilization meets each other in our geography," Oguz said. 

"Our geography is a geography which founded civilizations.”

Oguz said the number of sites in countries on the UNESCO list like the U.S., China, France, Spain, Italy and Germany has reached 30 or 40.

In this sense, it could be said that the number of Turkey's sites on the list is inadequate, Oguz said.

He said the number of Turkey's UNESCO heritage sites had risen rapidly in recent years, with half of those on the list accepted in the last eight years.

Oguz said that in the past, it was possible to present three, four or five sites a year, but UNESCO has now introduced quotas and each country can submit only one site per year for the heritage list.

He said Turkey has 77 sites on the tentative list, the most for any country.

But because of the quota, it will take 77 years for Turkey to submit all of the sites on this list, even if no other site is added on the tentative list, Oguz added.

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