Turkey's youth festival kicks off in Istanbul

Turkey's biggest festival - the Istanbul Youth Festival (IGF) - targeted at young people kicks off at the Eurasia Show and Art Center.

Turkey's youth festival kicks off in Istanbul

The festival brings Turkey's beloved brands, NGOs and public enterprises to the public though art exhibitions, workshops, sports activities, panel sessions and live concerts. Aiming to welcome more than one million young people throughout five-day event, the Istanbul Youth Festival will offer robotics workshops and a chance to visit Turkey's biggest digital exhibition.


As a part of the festival, Ziraat Bank's Art Collection will bring the "Light and Color" digital exhibition which is displaying Turkey's first 5K resolution exhibition technology to the festival area. Moreover, the traveling libraries and art exhibitions that will be set up at the Eurasia Show and Art Center will offer new experienced to the young.

The Istanbul Youth Festival also address different sports branches with various organizations. One of the events feature the top directors of the Turkish Basketball Federation. The president of the federation and former NBA player Hidayet Türkoğlu, CEO and former national basketballer Ömer Onan, and the National Basketball Team's manager and former national basketball player Kerem Tunçeri will come together with the youngsters and give inspirational speeches to the future of the Turkish basketball.

To guide young people, the Istanbul Youth Festival organizes workshops and panel sessions. Moreover, the young will be able to experience their future jobs and learn more through the experiences of the others.

The festival is set to continue until May 6.

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