Umayyad Mosque wrecked under regime, opposition groups

One side of Umayyad Mosque, famous for its holy relics in Syrian Aleppo city, is in hands of opposition whereas Assad soldiers rule its other part.

Umayyad Mosque wrecked under regime, opposition groups

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One side of Umayyad Mosque, famous for its holy relics in Syrian Aleppo city, is in the hands of opposition, whereas Assad soldiers rule the other part of it.

Sharpshooters in the wrecked historical mosque open fire from shelters across on even slight movements. Due to the attacks and air bombardment of the regime which lasted for months, Umayyad Mosque and the bazaar around it were razed heavily.

Also the mausoleum of prophet Zakariyyah within the Umayyad Mosque was demolished. Exterior front of the mosque fell completely into ruin where the part of mausoleum, where Zakarriyah's symbolic coffin is transformed into a shelter against bullets by setting copies of holy Quran around it.  

One of most important parts of the mosque, the inner yard is turned to an unused wrack and the minaret fell on the yard after an artillery shooting.

They use the carpets, historical artifacts and sacks full of debris as shelters in a distance of 100 meters.  

Historical Umayyad Mosque is amongst the outstanding examples of Islamic architecture. Being a 922-year-old Seljuki artifact, the minaret and being an 800-year-old Mameluk artifact is named also Big Aleppo Mosque.   

The mosque was built by Umayyad Khalif al-Valid Bin Abdelmalek and completed between 715-717 after Christ in period of Khalif Suleiman.

Renovated in Mameluk and Ottoman period, the mosque received some parts at the same period.

Holy relics such as prophet Zakkariyah's mausoleum and Prophet Mohammed's sacred hair from the beard and his tooth, besides several copies of Quran and handwritten pieces are placed in the mosque. 

The mosque is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. 

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