Abbas's obsequious behavior

This week, Abbas gave the Nazi-like Israeli regime two important concessions free of charge.

Abbas's obsequious behavior


By Khalid Amayreh

Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas is already conducting negotiations with Israel with utmost irresponsibility.

Even inexperienced hagglers in a wholesale bazaar would display more caution. His obsequiousness toward Israel and her guardian ally, the United States, is baffling, to put it mildly.

This week, Abbas gave the Nazi-like Israeli regime two important concessions free of charge. First, he said the Palestinians wouldn’t return to armed struggle against Israel irrespective of what the terrorist state does.

In an interview with a Saudi-funded newspaper, Abbas castigated Arab states that continue to advocate active resistance against the apartheid Zionist regime. He argued that armed resistance would wreak havoc on the Palestinian people and seriously undermine their national interests.

Well, opinions may differ as to the pros and cons of armed struggle, especially the question of when to fight back and when to resort to non-violent resistance. However, erasing armed struggle completely from the Palestinian national lexicon, especially in the face of unrelenting and escalating Jewish terror, would be at the very least an irresponsible act bordering on compromising Palestinian national interests.

First of all, armed resistance is an inevitable result of Zionist criminality. People living under a foreign occupation and languishing under oppression, irrespective of their culture, have an inherent right and duty to resist their tormentors. Arguing otherwise is both dishonest and unethical.

Indeed, in most cases, the very occurrence of resistance against Israel is nearly always preceded by serious acts of murder and terror by the apartheid state which practices all forms of criminality and nefarious aggression against a virtually helpless people while claiming to be a victim of terror. Resistance is made inevitable not due to the desire of the oppressed, but rather by the evilness of the oppressors.

This pornographic mendacity on the part of Israel screams to the seventh heaven. Accusing Palestinians, who are Israel’s enduring and tormented victims, of incitement is very much like the Nazis accusing their victims of inciting against the Third Reich.

In short, Israel would like to see the Palestinian people raise the whit flag and succumb unconditionally to Zionism, a malignant ideology that differs little form German Nazism.

Unfortunately, we are being affronted with some Palestinian “leaders” who would go to any extent in order to accommodate Israel’s morbid and whimsical demands, namely capitulation to Zio-Nazism.

True, armed or passive resistance is not a goal in itself. However, history teaches us that liberty is not given on a silver platter but earned by blood and fire.

I know of no Palestinian under the sun who wants to see his or her children die a painful death at the hands of the Nazi-like Zionists whose ultimate aim and strategy is our national demise as a people.

With this nefarious goal in mind, it is naïve and irresponsible to think that non-violent resistance alone, even if joined by all the Mother Teresas, Mahatma Ghandhis and Martin Luther Kings of the world, would be tolerated or allowed to dislodge the Israeli occupation.

After all, we are dealing with criminal-minded soldier-thugs who wouldn’t hesitate even for a moment to shoot and murder kids and school children let alone demonstrators protesting apartheid and oppression and demanding liberty.

Besides, Israel is not Britain in India, or even the White-minority apartheid South African government. Israel is more or less a Judeo Nazi entity who would do the unthinkable including genocide, as we saw in Gaza last year, in order to preserve the integrity of the occupation.

The reason for this intrinsic evilness is Israel’s sense of arrogance of power as well as the reluctance of the international community, especially the increasingly whoring American administration, to force the apartheid state to pay attention to the rule of international law.

Hence, it is likely that no matter what the Palestinians do or don’t with regard to abandoning the resistance, Israel would still try to kill and maim them and their children.

Just look how trigger-happy Israeli child-killers, unfairly called soldiers, routinely murder Palestinian and foreign protesters protesting the continued theft of land and farms under the pretext of building the gigantic so-called Separation Wall.

In light, one is prompted to ask Abbas the following questions: Are rape victims supposed to surrender to and refrain from their attackers?

Are peaceable Palestinian villagers supposed to respectfully allow Jewish settler thugs to burn down Palestinian mosques as happened recently at two Palestinian villages in the north, namely al Libban al Sharqiya and Yasuf?

Are we supposed to allow the Nazis of our time to murder our children while on their way to school as we sing: “raise the kufiyaa aloft and wave it proudly”?

The Arab proverb says “If you want to be obeyed, ask for what can be done.” With all due respect, you, Mr. Abbas, are asking for too much, because people still have dignity and pride and wouldn’t just stand by and passively watch as Zionist thugs and terrorists attack, murder and vandalize in order to realize their morbid whims, such as forcing our people to flee our ancestral homeland?

Besides, the PA has over 70,000 security cadres scouring the width and breadth of the West Bank, who are funded and trained by the United States. So why doesn’t the PA leadership order this huge army to at least protect the unarmed Palestinian citizens from settler terror and criminality?

Or, perhaps, we should think that our children and men and women are supposed to die and be killed quietly and silently in order to prove to the evil men in Tel Aviv and Washington that we are a peaceful people and committed to the whoring peace process even though this disingenuous game of make believe is killing us and causing our people to lose the remnants of our ancestral homeland.?

For God’s sake, we will defend ourselves and pay no attention to the idle words coming from the mouths of bankrupt politicians.

Even in American, the Golden Calf of the international community today, they say “give me freedom or give me death.”

ANOTHER vacuous statement coming from Abbas’s mouth recently urged Palestinians to refrain from indulging in incitement against Zio-Nazism in general and the Israeli apartheid regime in particular?

Well, Mr. President, how are we supposed to do that? Are we supposed to conceal our pain and anguish whenever satanic Israeli bulldozers descend on our homes to blow them into smithereens? Are we supposed to view Israeli settlers and soldiers who routinely and nonchalantly murder our children, nearly on a daily basis, as angelic figures or messengers of peace and good will?

Mr. Abbas are we to give up any remaining semblance of personal and national dignity in deference to the evil ones, may their name perish and memory be erased?

Mr. Abbas, you are the head of the Palestinian Authority and leader of Fatah, and as such you are supposed to know too well that the issue of incitement as presented by the thuggish Israeli regime is first and foremost a propagandistic canard intended to cover up and divert attention from Zionist criminality against our people.

In the final analysis, how can a thoroughly oppressed people languishing under a Nazi-like military occupation really indulge in incitement against its oppressors and tormentors? Aren’t we supposed to cry out for justice, for liberty? Aren’t we supposed to complain? Are we children of a lesser God?

Shame on the shameless.

Khalid Amayreh is a Journalist living in Dura, Hebron District, West Bank, occupied Palestine . He has BA in journalism: University of Oklahoma, 1981 MA in journalism, University of Southern Illinois , 1983.

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SNA - 11 yıl Before

Very true shame on the shameless!

Syed Wajid Ali Shah
Syed Wajid Ali Shah - 11 yıl Before

Naming the ZioNazi regime (and the Western ZioNazis, like fundamental Christians, neocolonialists and other right-wing people with a superiority complex) by its name is essential.
If being accused of being an anti-Semite (the usual trick), you can state that you have nothing against Arabs, Palestinians or even Jews, but that you DO have a problem with what I would call the ueber-Semites, which leaves you being an anti-ueber-Semite ...
The non-violent approach is dependent on economic actions, hurt them where it hurts them most, which is generally in their wallet...