21 Uighur refugees arrested in Thailand

21 Uighur refugees caught in Thailand and who were to be returned to China have been taken to an unknown location.

21 Uighur refugees arrested in Thailand

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In the past week 300 Uighur Turks had been taken to a refugee camp and 21 of these have been arrested and taken to a detention center that was attached to the Thailand Immigration Administration centre. From there they were taken to an unknown location.  One of those arrested contacted a relative who was living in Turkey and said that in the past week, with no explanation given, they were arrested and taken to an unspecified location.

The arrested man said that the Thai police had changed their manner to the refugees which were mostly women and children. Explaining that they were very worried of this sudden change in attitude, they said they were worried that they could be sent to China and that they were very afraid.

Those who were arrested included those who had on a previous visit to the camp by the Chinese embassy officials, had taken part in a protest in front of them, whilst others had showed their contempt by throwing towels at the officials.

The Uighurs that are in the camps have said that the visits from the Chinese embassy had increased dramatically and that this had caused concern and had made many of those at the camp uncomfortable.

Uighurs that are living here in Turkey and those that had previously arrived as refugees, and those who are from East Turkistan are also patiently waiting for those who have been captured to arrive in Turkey. Those refugees who are not permitted to stay in Thailand, if sent to China, will be faced with the death penalty.

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Muhammed Öylek