81 Rohingya refugees stranded in Indonesian waters

Authorities say 22 men, 59 women rescued by fishermen off Aceh beach.

81 Rohingya refugees stranded in Indonesian waters

At least 81 Rohingya refugees from Myanmar were found stranded off Kuala Simpang Ulim beach in Aceh, Indonesia, authorities said Friday.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency, Miftah Cut Adek, the secretary to the sea commander, said there were 22 men and 59 women rescued by fishermen.

"They fled from refugee camps in Bangladesh," Adek said.

He said there were initially 90 refugees, but eight of them died and one person was missing at the sea.

"For the time being, fishermen are helping them and keeping distance to comply with health protocols," he added.

Meanwhile, a local police official told Anadolu Agency that the police have arrived on the scene to check on the refugees.

Hüseyin Demir