9 dead, 300 injured in 6.7 earthquake in Japan's north

Some 30 people are still missing and people are warned against staying indoors

9 dead, 300 injured in 6.7 earthquake in Japan's north

At least 9 people died, about 300 people injured and 32 others are missing after a 6.7-magnitude earthquake hit Japan's northernmost Hokkaido Island early Thursday, local media reported.

The quake reportedly caused power outages in all 2.95 million homes and a nuclear power plant and disrupted train services.

Some 1,900 people were taking shelter at evacuation centers set up at more than 400 locations, according to police, rescuers and local authorities.

Phone services and TV broadcasting were also affected.

According to Kyodo News, more than 100 people were injured in cities, including the island's capital Sapporo.

Local media reported that the quake’s epicenter was located east of the city of Tomakomai. It had a depth of 40 kilometers (24.8 miles).

Citing Japan Meteorological Agency, Kyodo News reported that there might be a slight change in sea-level in Japan’s coastal areas as a result of the quake.

“There are risks of landslides and collapsing of houses. Please do not go near anywhere deemed dangerous," said an official of the agency during a news conference.

Hokkaido's main airport will remain closed throughout the day. New Chitose Airport suffers structural damages, water leakages, and a power outage, the Transport Ministry said.

More than 200 flights were canceled, affecting over 40,000 passengers.