Afghan rights group call on end to violence, corruption

Human rights activists have sent a letter to President Ashraf Ahmadzai, calling on him to end violence and coruption and bring peace to the country.

Afghan rights group call on end to violence, corruption
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 Afghan human rights activists sent President Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai an open letter on Wednesday, calling on him to eliminate armed groups and tackle corruption in order to bring peace to the country. 

On International Human Rights Day, Afghanistan’s Independent Human Rights Organization emphasised the need for practical steps to eliminate illegal armed groups that have undermined the law of the land ever since the bloody civil war in the 1990s.

“Afghans throughout the country strongly sought re-introduction of the Disarmament of Illegal Armed Groups program, launched by the Government in June 2005 and ended in March 2011,” they said in the letter.

The group said Ghani should implement stronger oversight of police, judiciary, parliament and other government institutions to protect against the type of corruption that has made Afghanistan the fourth most corrupt country in the world according to anti-corruption watchdog Transparency International. 

"We are still witnessing human rights violations in the country," said the organization's head Sima Sarwar. She said the organization needed support of the people and political will and warned of a possible increase in human rights violations unless a culture of impunity is eradicated.

“Nationwide, people called for urgent action by the government and international community to implement measures that would end the negative impact of harmful traditional practices on women’s rights, and allow women to participate meaningfully in all peace building initiatives," the letter said.

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