Afghan Taliban leader welcomes peace talks

Taliban leader Mullah Omar hails 'legitimate' peace talks aimed at ending Afghanistan's 13-year war

Afghan Taliban leader welcomes peace talks

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Taliban leader Mullah Omar on Wednesday signaled his approval for peace talks with the Afghan government to put an end to 13-year war, a week after milestone meetings between the two sides in Pakistan. 

Wednesday's written message issued ahead of the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Fitr said the Taliban had a legal right to meet Afghan and foreign officials, as long as Islamic ideals were respected in the process.

“If we look into our religious regulations, we can find that meetings and even peaceful interactions with the enemies is not prohibited by Islam,” he said in a statement on the Taliban's website.

“Concurrently with armed jihad, political endeavours and peaceful pathways for achieving these sacred goals is a legitimate Islamic principle.“

 A number of unofficial meetings have been held between the Afghani Taliban and Afghanistan government over last few months, however the last week meeting was the crucial one and should be considered as a significant step forward in Taliban-government relations.

The Taliban have been fighting since their ouster in 2001 to expel U.S.-led foreign forces and the U.S.-backed government in Kabul. Most foreign troops left last year but at least 13,000 remain, most of them training Afghan forces.

Mullah Omar, who headed the Taliban's hardline rule over Afghanistan for five years, has not been seen in public since the U.S. led intervention in 2001.

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