Al Jazeera: 'Strong evidence' of genocide in Myanmar

Al Jazeera has released a new documentary revealing that the government was complicit in the deliberate stirring of hatred and the ethnic cleansing of the Rohyinga

Al Jazeera: 'Strong evidence' of genocide in Myanmar

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The government of Myanmar is triggering anti-Muslim riots and there is “strong evidence” that a genocide is taking place, Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit revealed on Monnday, based on witnesses and documentary evidence that suggests the government is fomenting violence in order to achieve political gains.

The investigation reported that even former United Nations Rapporteur on Myanmar Tomás Ojea Quintana says President Thein Sein should be investigated for genocide over his government’s actions against minority Rohingya Muslims.

With the the first fully contested general election in 25 years on November 8, eyewitness and confidential documentary evidence obtained by Al Jazeera revealed  that the ruling, military-backed Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP) has attempted to marginalise Muslims and target the Rohingya.

Al Jazeera made a number of for comment to the Myanmar President's office and government spokespeople but has not received any response.

 Genocide Agenda

Presented in new documentary called Genocide Agenda, Al Jazeera made use of legal and diplomatic experts as to whether the government's campaign amounts to systematic extermination. 

The University of London's Professor Penny Green, director of the International State Crime Initiative (ISCI) said: "President Thein Sein [of USDP] is prepared to use hate speech for the government's own ends, and that is to marginalise, segregate, diminish the Muslim population inside Burma.

"It's part of a genocidal process."

An independent report by the ISCI concluded that riots in 2012, which saw conflicts between ethnic Rakhine Buddhists and Rohingya Muslims erupt, were preplanned. The violence saw scores killed, and tens of thousands of people displaced after several thousand homes were burned.

"It wasn't communal violence," said Green. "It was planned violence. Express buses were organisedto bring Rakhine Buddhists from outlying areas to take part in the aggression.

"Refreshments, meals were provided," she said. "It had to be paid by somebody. All of this suggests that it was very carefully planned."

Stirring Hatred

An official military document, a copy of which was obtained by Al Jazeera, shows the use of hate speech, claiming the Myanmarese are in danger of being "devoured" by Muslims.

Al Jazeera is releasing the documents with translations alongside the documentary.

The investigation also reveals how the government uses hired thugs to stir hatred.

A former member of Myanmar's feared Military Intelligence service described how she witnessed agent provocateurs from the army provoke problems with Muslims.

"The army controlled these events from behind the scenes. They were not directly involved," she said, speaking on the condition of anonymity. "They paid money to people from outside."



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