Ambulance bomb kills 63, wounds 151 in Kabul

Vehicle packed with explosives is rammed into main entrance of Afghan Interior Ministry in green zone

Ambulance bomb kills 63, wounds 151 in Kabul

World Bulletin / News Desk

A powerful suicide car bombing at the entrance of a government compound in the Afghan capital Kabul on Saturday claimed dozens of lives and injured scores, according to eyewitness and official accounts.

At around 12.50 p.m. local time (0820GMT), an ambulance packed with explosives was detonated at the entrance of the Interior Ministry, close to busy Sadarat Square during afternoon rush hour. The Health Ministry has confirmed more than 70 wounded people were rushed to public hospitals for treatment.

"The latest toll has reached 63 dead and 151 wounded," Baryalai Hilali, the director of the government media centre, told reporters.

The attack comes a week after five Taliban militants stormed the iconic Intercontinental Hotel in the city, killing more than 20 local and foreign guests staying in the capital’s fortified green zone.


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