Another Samsung doctor infected by MERS

Conglomerate continues to be hit amid South Korea’s Middle East Respiratory Syndrome outbreak

Another Samsung doctor infected by MERS

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A doctor was among three new MERS virus patients confirmed by South Korean health authorities at a briefing Sunday, demonstrating that there is still work to do despite the outbreak showing signs of waning.

The increase brought the total number of local cases to 169.

The South Korean outbreak has offered virologists and global health officials the opportunity to witness this flu-like illness on its biggest scale outside the Middle East.

Seoul’s health ministry was pleased Sunday to confirm that MERS recoveries continued to outpace infections -- with 43 patients discharged as of the latest briefing.

A hugely symbolic breakthrough will be this week’s planned reopening of Samsung Medical Center.

Among around 90 healthcare facilities linked to South Korea’s outbreak, the prestigious Seoul hospital has been a source of nearly half of the country’s cases.

Sunday’s update means at least three Samsung doctors have been forced to take up personal battles against MERS.

But even after its voluntarily partial closure earlier this month, the hospital has still been accommodating Samsung Group’s chairman after 73-year-old Lee Kun-hee suffered a heart attack last year.

Patients of Lee’s age and health status have made up the majority of South Korea’s MERS victims, but the chairman has apparently been kept safe despite the facility’s public regret at failing to protect others.

Meanwhile, the health ministry is refusing to celebrate an end to the country’s outbreak, which would require at least two weeks of no new infections.

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