'Attack of Muslims in Myanmar have become a norm'

Rohingya Muslim community is upset with current situation in Myanmar

'Attack of Muslims in Myanmar have become a norm'

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Rohingya Muslims community is facing worst humanitarian crisis in Myanmar and is in dire need of aid and support. 

"The attack and killing of Muslims in Myanmar have become a norm. One night about six months ago, a Buddhist mob attacked and torched the madrasa founded by my father Jalaluddin Usmani and killed him", said Adul Majeed Madani, a member of Rohingya Muslims community.

"Along with my father Jalaluddin Usmani, the Buddhist mob killed everyone including the teachers and teenaged students studying in the madrasa", he added.

Over 3000 Rohingya Muslims, who fled from Myanmar, right now remain as refugees in different parts of Hyderabad, the capital of southern India's Telangana state. 

Myanmar is a predominantly Buddhist nation. It has population of around 60 million people, 90% of them are Buddhist. The country has been grappling with sectarian violence since the country's military rulers handed over power to a nominally civilian government in 2011. More than 250 people (according to official numbers) have been killed — most of them Muslims — and 140,000 others forced to flee their homes. 

In the western state of Rakhine, Buddhists did not accept religious diversity and accuse the Rohingya Muslim community of illegally entering the country and encroaching on their land as an excuse to freely persecute them due to their religious beliefs. The deadly violence spread earlier this year to other parts of Myanmar and has stirred up prejudice against Muslims.

Since 2012, over 150,000 Rohingyas, about 10 percent of whom live in Myanmar, have boarded boats operated by human-traffickers in an attempt to reach Malaysia, according to data released by human rights organisation Arakan Project.

Several countries in the region and international organisations have blamed Myanmar for the exodus of immigrants, mainly Rohingyas, a Muslim minority fleeing persecution in the country.







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