Azeri politician wishes for more influential Turkey

Iqbal Agazade, running for presidency in Azerbaijan, told AA that Turkey should be more influential in Caucasus

Azeri politician wishes for more influential Turkey

Chairman of Azerbaijan's Umid (Hope) Party Iqbal Agazade, a candidate for the presidential election planned to be held on October 9 in Azerbaijan, told about his reasons for being a candidate, his promises and the things he wanted to do if elected as president to Anadolu Agency. 

Noting that he would make radical changes in Azerbaijan's foreign policy, the chairman expressed his willingness for founding a Southern Caucasian Union together with Armenia and Georgia to solve the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflicts and Upper Karabakh issue.

Agazade also said Turkey should absolutely have power in the region in order to end Russian domination in the area.

Pointing out that the Upper Karabakh issue and other ethnic conflicts in the region would not be solved as long as Russia continued dominating the problematic region, Agazade stated his wish for foundation of Southern Caucasian Union by taking EU as a model.

Agazade insisted that re-opening Turkish-Armenian border would help solving Upper Karabakh issue and ending Armenian-Azerbaijani conflicts.

He also recorded that they had communication with several political parties and non-governmental organizations in both Armenia and Georgia in international domains.

Agazade also said that they would invest oil incomes in domains out of petroleum and increase efficiency of these incomes to hint socio-economic reforms he was planning for his presidential term if elected.


Güncelleme Tarihi: 26 Eylül 2013, 13:58

Muhammed Öylek