Bangladesh politicians reject election violence blame

Parties reject Human Rights Watch report blaming all sides for election violence.

Bangladesh politicians reject election violence blame

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Bangladesh's political parties rejected a Human Rights Watch report blaming both the government and opposition for January's election violence Wednesday.

The parties accused each other for clashes between protesters and security forces, and attacks on election officials, party activists, political leaders and religious minorities.

Human Rights Watch's Asia Director Brad Adams called on Bangladesh's political leaders to publicly denounce those responsible for the violence.

"These were the bloodiest elections since independence, and unless concrete steps are taken to address what happened, the situation in Bangladesh is likely to worsen," said Adams.

"The report of the Human Rights Watch is one-sided and they always are one-sided. I observed that Human Rights Watch have been working for opposition, mainly BNP," Yusuf Hussain Humayn, an adviser to the ruling Bangladesh Awami League, told the Anadolu Agency.

Humayn said he did not support any type of extrajudicial killings.

"There was no real election held January 5 in Bangladesh. All opposition, including Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) didn’t take part in that election and had called people to boycott the elections. So the peoples of Bangladesh had boycotted the so-called elections," Abdullah Al Noman, a BNP leader, told the AA, claiming the opposition had no role in violence during the elections.

The election was characterized by the government's abolition of caretaker governments during elections. The dispute over the reinstatement of the process led to demonstrations and blockades and a general boycott by opposition parties.

Human Rights Watch blamed both opposition parties for violence during the election and security forces for the resulting crackdown which involved the deaths of several leading opposition members.

The watchdog singled out the role of Rapid Action Battalion, a special security force accused of carrying out extrajudicial killings. Noman, the BNP leader, claimed that it was clear the battalions should be disbanded because of the violence associated with them. 

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