Bombing in Thai Muslim south kills girl on eve of Eid- UPDATED

Roadside bomb kills 1, injures 2 other girls and 2 army rangers the night before Eid holiday in Pattani province

Bombing in Thai Muslim south kills girl on eve of Eid- UPDATED

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Thailand’s Muslim south began the Eid holiday tragically when a roadside bomb killed a 12-year-old girl and injured seven others.

Police General Panya Karavanant told the Anadolu Agency on Monday that rangers had been carrying out patrols when ten kilograms of  explosives that were buried into the road exploded in Pattani province late Sunday.

The bombing instantly killed Atima Seh-Jeh while also injuring two other girls and two army rangers, who are thought to have been the target. 

In another incident, a Thai soldier and three suspected fighters were killed on Monday in a clash in southern Thailand, police said, as security forces in the region were on alert for attacks.

Police said a group of about six gunmen began shooting at a police officer going home from a mosque in Narathiwat.

The officer shot and killed a gunman and soldiers from a nearby army camp came to his help after hearing the gunshots. The soldier was killed in the ensuing shootout in the Rueso district, along with two more militants.

Thailand's military ruler, General Prayuth Chan-ocha, had warned security officials to be vigilant at the end of Ramadan, when violence often spikes.

Thailand's three Muslim-dominated southern provinces of Yala, Pattani and Narathiwat have been wracked by fighting since Siam (the name of Thailand pre-1939) took control of what was then a Muslim Malay Sultanate following an Anglo-Siamese treaty in 1909.

The resistance became a full-blown civil war in the 1960s when the Bangkok government tried to control education in the region's Islamic schools.

The atmosphere has also become more volatile after the Thai junta - which seized power on May 22 - overhauled the region’s administrative structure, putting the main civilian agency managing the region - the Southern Border Provincial Administrative Center - under military control. 


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