British sailor: 'I saw Malaysia jet crash'

Katherine Tee claimed she saw two other planes in the same patch of sky at the time of the crash as she was sailing near Indonesia.

British sailor: 'I saw Malaysia jet crash'

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A British sailor has claimed to have witnessed the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 crash into the Indian Ocean.

Katherine Tee was sailing near Indonesia when she said she saw the “an elongated plane glowing bright orange, with a trail of black smoke behind it” before it came down somewhere in the southern Indian Ocean.

After her husband Marc posted the data maps from their journey on their Cruisers Forum website, she was convinced by forum members to come forward with her story as they felt that she may have in fact witnessed the mysterious crash.

“This is what convinced me to file a report with the full track data for our voyage to the relevant authorities,” she was quoted in the Independent.

Describing what she originally thought was a meteor, she said, “I saw something that looked like a plane on fire. That’s what I thought it was. Then, I thought I must be mad… It caught my attention because I had never seen a plane with orange lights before, so I wondered what they were.”

On her website, she claimed that two other planes were also in the same patch of sky at the time of the crash.

“There were two other planes passing well above it – moving the other way – at that time. They had normal navigation lights. I remember thinking that if it was a plane on fire that I was seeing, the other aircraft would report it.”

Apologizing for her late action, she said, “I didn’t think anyone would believe me when I was having trouble believing my own eyes...I didn’t even consider putting out a Mayday at the time,” she added.

Australia's Joint Agency Coordination Centre (JACC), which is leading the search for the missing jet, has taken note of her eye-witness account, but they are still yet to find any wreckage.

The plane has been missing since March 8 this year.


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