China’s Wang Yi stresses ‘trust’ in ties with India

Top Chinese diplomat holds virtual meet with outgoing Indian ambassador.

China’s Wang Yi stresses ‘trust’ in ties with India

China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi has said “mutual trust” is important for bilateral relations with India.

“China and India are two ancient civilizations, two emerging economies, and neighbors that cannot be moved,” Wang told outgoing Indian Ambassador Vikram Misri during a virtual call on Monday night.

"When we build mutual trust, even the Himalayas cannot stop us from friendly exchanges," he said, according to the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

Without mutual trust, "it is difficult to bring the two sides together, even if there are no mountains in the way," Wang noted.

Since May 2020, China and India are stuck in a deadlock along the Line of Actual Control -- the de facto border between the countries in the disputed Jammu and Kashmir region’s Ladakh area.

At least 24 soldiers, including 20 from India, died during clashes in June last year.

The two sides have held many rounds of negotiations but to little success.

"China and India should become partners and friends," Wang said, adding that the countries "should not be a threat to each other, but an opportunity for each other's development."

Wang also shared what China calls "three Do’s and Don’ts" for bilateral relations with India.

"First, we need to understand each other and don't misunderstand and misjudge each other. Second, we need to take a long-term view and don't be disturbed by one moment or one thing. Third, we need to build each other up and don't wear each other out."

The top Chinese diplomat stressed that the two sides "can and should continue to stand together on major goals that involve the common interests of developing countries."

Hüseyin Demir