Chinese army brings 'modern civilization' to East Turkistan

Two senior Chinese army officers published an article saying that Chinese army will help to develop 'backword' region of Eastern Turkistan

Chinese army brings 'modern civilization' to East Turkistan

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According to senior Chinese army officers' article in the Communist Party magazine Qiushi, it is Chinese military's obligation to bring "modern civilization" to the restive southern areas of  Eastern Turkistan, mostly populated by Muslim Uyghurs

Accused of "Islamism" and "separatism" hundreds of people have died from hands of Chinese military in this Uyghur populated area region over the last few years. Chinese authorities are frightened by Uyghurs' desire to establish independent Eastern Turkistan.

The commander of the southern Xinjiang military region, Li Haiyang and, its military commissar, Miao Wenjiang claim that the army must "ardently love" the area and "cherish ethnic unity like taking care of eyes and ... nestle together with people of all ethnic groups as close as pomegranate seeds."

Despite an obvious employment discrimination Chinese central government begun to pay more attention to the region’s development, particularly in the southern areas dominated by Uyghurs and religious conservatives. 

The article also emphasized the importance of the soldiers who help to develop the economy in Eastern Turkistan and encourage the people to "move toward modern civilization and move away from religious extremism", by providing villagers access to science, culture, law and health. 

Since Uyghurs recently switched from moderate form of Islam to a Saudi-/Afghan-like one, Chinese military forces intensified their oppressions against Uyghur/Muslim population in the Eastern Turkistan. 


Güncelleme Tarihi: 02 Temmuz 2015, 12:55