Curfew-hit Kashmir tense after clashes

One man is killed as Sikh community demonstrate against police after commemoration is disrupted

Curfew-hit Kashmir tense after clashes

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 Tension remains high amid a police curfew imposed on several parts of Jammu city in Indian-held Kashmir after a 35-year-old man was killed during clashes between the security forces and Sikh youths.

Jagjit Singh, a resident of RS Pura in Jammu, was killed in the Satwati area on Thursday while demonstrating against police.

Sikh youths were demonstrating against the tearing down of posters portraying slain Sikh militant leader, Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, at a gathering organized by the community on the occasion of Bhindranwale's birthday on June 2. 

"We were having a gathering like we have every year but this time police came and beat us up and tore down the posters of our leader Bhindranwale. It was a huge insult to us," one of the Sikh protestors told Anadolu Agency. 

Bhindranwale was an important leader of the Khalistan movement which called for the creation of a separate country for Sikhs. He was killed in 1984. 

The commotion began after the posters were torn down on Wednesday and a policeman was stabbed soon after by a Sikh youth. 

Clashes continued throughout Thursday.

"To quell the protests and to save the policemen, we had to open fire ...," Senior Superintendent Uttam Chand said. 

Amid the firing, Singh was killed and around five people wounded, fueling further clashes in Rani Bagh, Satwari and other areas adjoining Jammu.

The authorities have imposed a curfew in the Rani Bagh area and also imposed prohibitory orders under Section 144 legislation, which prohibits the assembly of more than four persons in a public place, in several other sensitive areas.

The government has called off schools and planned examinations which were to be held in Jammu on Friday.

Kashmir, a Muslim-majority Himalayan region, is held by India and Pakistan in parts and claimed by both in full.

The two countries have fought three wars – in 1948, 1965 and 1971 – since they were partitioned in 1947, two of which were fought over Kashmir.

Since 1989, Kashmiri resistance groups have been fighting against Indian rule for independence, or for unification with neighboring Pakistan.

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