Displaced Pakistanis return to North Waziristan

Displaced Pakistanis begin returning to homes in North Waziristan after nine months away

Displaced Pakistanis return to North Waziristan

In the company of soldiers, more than 200 displaced Pakistanis prepared on Tuesday to leave the shelter camps they have spent the last nine months of their lives in. 

They have finally been allowed to return to their homes in North Waziristan, the epicenter of a Pakistani army operation to wipe out Taliban militants since June 2014. 

They were the first of families from villages near the town of Spinwam who, between March 31 and April 23, will head the first phase of rehabilitation. They return with a sum of 35,000 Pakistani rupees ($350) for transportation and initial expenses, as well as six months of rations. 

Alongside their sense of joy and excitement, the returnees were aware that their troubles will continue. While the army claim they have cleared the region of militants, there will still be strict security measures in place, including night curfews and restricted movement during the days. 

Despite a sense of joy and excitement, life for returnees will not be easy back home. They will have to live under a strict security check. 

Güncelleme Tarihi: 31 Mart 2015, 15:44