Duterte to EU: 'Please don't impose your will to us'

The EU can lead the drug war if they think they can solve the country’s drug problem 

Duterte to EU: 'Please don't impose your will to us'

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President Duterte told western countries, particularly those in the European Union, to stop interfering in the country’s affairs because the Philippines is a sovereign country.

"Please do not impose your will on us. Do not derogate our sovereignity by lecturing on us," Duterte said in a speech before the High Level Forum on [email protected] in Manila Thursday evening.

"It is not maybe to your satisfaction that you don’t like what we’re doing. But there are things which we have to do because we have to do it,” he added.

The President said he would gladly allow the EU to lead the drug war if they think they can solve the country’s drug problem.

Duterte has been the target of criticisms by the visiting  seven-member delegation of the EU's International Delegates of the Progressive Alliance in connection with the violation of human rights and the occurrence of extrajudicial killings in the country.

The group warned that the Philippines can be expelled from the UN Human Rights Council due to the killings during by the drug war.

"Maybe you can do it for us. I am inviting you to join the fray. I would be glad to appoint you the lead role in solving the problem,” Duterte said.

“If you cannot stop interfering, at least be educated in your assessment,” he continued. “The problem is serious and we’re trying to solve it."

Duterte also expressed confidence that the Philippines will not be booted out of the UN because China and Russia will not be voting for the country’s expulsion.

“Do you really think that China and Russia would go for it? Expel the Philippines?” he said. “You cannot expel a member of the UN because of just one statement. That’s an insult to a country."

The President further told the visiting group, "You do not come here upon invitation of non-governmental organizations and opposition parties and look only on the number of extrajudicial killings."

Urging the EU to lodge their complaint directly before the UN if they are really against the way he runs the country, Duterte said: “If you have qualms against me, go to the United Nations, make your representations, state your complaint and ask the body to investigate us for being a member of the organization."

According to him, the Philippines is no exception to social injustice, but we try to correct it along the way.

Duterte then admitted he is purposely criticizing, cursing out, his foreign critics in public. “They say I have a bad mouth, that’s correct. I do it purposely. I do it for their sheer ignorance." 

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