Flooding affects more than 100,000 residents in Bangladesh

Situation in at least 12 northern, central districts may get worse in coming week, warns government report.

Flooding affects more than 100,000 residents in Bangladesh

More than 100,000 people from nearly 20,000 families have been affected by floods in at least 12 of Bangladesh’s 64 districts, according to an update published Saturday by the Disaster Management and Relief Ministry.

Floods caused by an onrush of upstream water and seasonal monsoon rains have also submerged a huge cropland of more than 100 villages in the affected areas, said media reports.

The report warned residents of a further deterioration of the situation in the northern and central districts in the coming week and said the government has ordered local administrations to prepare sufficient cyclone shelters and other settlements in risky areas.

Meanwhile, several thousand residents in northern districts have reportedly taken shelter in high places and different government settlements as their homes have been submerged.

Floods in Bangladesh during the monsoon season are common due to heavy rain and upstream water from neighboring India.

Both countries share 54 common rivers that originate from the Himalayan mountains. India constructed barrages above 53 rivers and during the rainy season, New Delhi keeps all barrage gates open to discharge water from land that usually deteriorates the flood situation in Bangladesh.

The two neighboring states, however, have continued talks about unresolved common issues, including sharing waters of common rivers.


Hüseyin Demir