Government proposal to tag cows alarms Indian Muslims

Pitch for identification tags for cows follows reports of attacks by Hindu vigilante groups on Muslims in northern India

Government proposal to tag cows alarms Indian Muslims

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A government proposal to tag millions of cows in the country following reports of attacks by Hindu vigilante groups on some Muslims in northern India has left leaders of the Muslim community worried.

On Monday, the government told the Supreme Court in the capital New Delhi that if a unique identification number is allocated to every cow in India, it could help against the animal’s smuggling and slaughter.

The pitch was made during the Supreme Court’s hearing of a petition to stop the smuggling of cattle for slaughter at beef export units.

In its report to the apex court, the government said: “Each cow and its progeny across India should get a Unique Identification Number for tracking."

According to a recent analysis from, India comes at number two among top 15 frozen beef exporting countries.

In reports published in the Indian media, the proposed tags on each cow would contain several identification details such as the age, breed, sex, lactation, height, color, horn type, tail switch and special markers to indicate its progeny.

The government also proposed that there should be provision for special care of cattle beyond the age of milking, and highlighted the issue of cow protection and smuggling of cows across the India-Bangladesh border.

The suggestion came days after new videos of vigilante groups attacking a Muslim family in Jammu and Kashmir emerged in which the victims were accused of disrespecting cows, considered as holy in the Hindu religion.


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