India may end its support to Palestine in the UN

Diplomatic ties between Israel and India have warmed considerably since the election of Narendra Modi in April.

India may end its support to Palestine in the UN

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Following a power change in India and improvement of its relations with Israel, the government of Narendra Modi is considering changing its UN voting policy regarding the Palestinian issue, according to the popular newspaper The Hindu.

The Indian government, which for many years has automatically voted pro-Palestinian, is weighing changing its policy to abstaining on votes regarding the Middle East peace process, which "could amount to a tectonic shift in the country's foreign policy," according to The Hindu.

Two sources within the government confirmed to The Hindu that the change, which will be a fundamental departure from India’s support to the cause of a Palestinian state, was under consideration.

“Like other foreign policy issues, the Modi government is looking at India’s voting record at the United Nations on the Palestinian issue,” a government source told The Hindu. The change only needs an administrative nod, the second source said.

India is one of most prominent members among nonaligned nations that have traditionally supported the Palestinians at the United Nations for decades.

Since establishing diplomatic relations in 1992, Israel and India have had a close strategic relationship, especially in the fields of security, intelligence and the war on terror. India is one of the main clients of Israel's defense industries.

Still, the Indians carefully separated their close bilateral relations with Israel and its UN policy on the Palestinian issue, where it maintained an anti-Israel line.

A senior Israeli interlocutor told the visiting Indian external affairs minister some time ago that New Delhi treated Tel Aviv like a "mistress" because it was keeping the bilateral relationship away from public gaze, said the report.

Modi met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu when he visited the United Nations headquarters in New York in late September.

The two countries have since agreed to establish closer ties in the fields of anti-terrorism, defense and security in general.

Modi is a controversial name because of his Hindu nationalist and anti-Muslim stances. When he was in the opposition, the United States refused to give him of visa because of these oppositions.


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