Indian court rules against instant divorce for Muslims

Supreme Court says 'triple talaq' has no place in Islam

Indian court rules against instant divorce for Muslims

World Bulletin / News Desk

The Islamic practice of instant divorce was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court on Tuesday.

The court voted by 3-2 against the tradition whereby a Muslim man can divorce his wife by saying the word “talaq” -- divorce -- three times, saying it was against the tenets of Islam.

India is one of the few countries where the “triple talaq” has remained in practice.

Instances of its use have increased in recent years as men divorced their wives via written letter, mobile phone text message and even Facebook.

Maneka Gandhi, minister for women in the New Delhi government, welcomed the court’s decision.

“It's a good judgement and it’s another step towards gender justice and gender equality,” she told reporters in the capital.

The case had been brought before the Supreme Court by five women divorced through the triple talaq and two rights groups.

The then Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi had presented the practice of instant divorce as a violation of a woman’s right to be treated equally.

One of the petitioners, Shayara Bano, who was instantly divorced in a letter from her husband while she was recovering from illness, called on the government to ban the practice as soon as possible in the wake of the court’s decision.

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