Indonesia records rise in violence against journalists

Media rights group says 90 cases registered in 2020 with police involved in 58 incidents followed by lawyers, officials.

Indonesia records rise in violence against journalists

Violence against journalists has increased in Indonesia, with at least 90 cases reported in the country last year, a local media organization said on Monday.

It has increased significantly from 57 cases in 2019, Erick Tanjung, head of advocacy for the Alliance of Independent Journalists (AJI), said at a virtual press conference.

The group said the majority of the cases were registered in Malang city (16 cases) and the capital Jakarta (15 cases).

According to the data, the most common form of violence was intimidation, which accounted for 28 cases, followed by 22 cases of destruction of tools or coverage material, and 19 cases of physical violence.

It added that most of the violence was perpetrated by police with 58 cases, followed by advocates, prosecutors and government officials.


Hüseyin Demir