Islamic delegation visits Thailand

High-ranking officials from the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) make an official visit to Thailand to receive an update on the latest situation and the government's efforts and policies on the Muslim provinces.

Islamic delegation visits Thailand

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The visit of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) delegates to Thailand sporadically helps remind the government to treat the eight million Thai Muslims, particularly in the far South, impartially although there are still lingering issues, local papers reported.

The OIC delegation will be led by Ambassador Sayed Kassem El-Masry, adviser to the OIC secretary-general and special envoy of the OIC secretary-general on Thailand. Starting from Monday, the delegation will spend a week in Thailand during May 7 to 13 to gather facts concerning the latest developments in the southern region.

The results of the visit will be included in the OIC report during the Conference of Foreign Ministers this November in Djibouti.

Muslim leaders believe today’s visit of a delegation of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) will remind the Thai government that fair treatment of Muslim Thais is a crucial part of ending the violence, according to Bangkok Post report.    

There is also hope that the OIC, which is trusted by Muslim fighters, will be able to act as a mediating body between separatists and the government, reported the paper.     

The delegation will spend a week travelling in Thailand, including the Muslim South, to gather information concerning the latest developments in the conflict. They will end their visit on Sunday.

They are also scheduled to meet with local agencies and with Thai-Muslim communities and academics to have a better understanding of the situation on site.   The delegation will meet in Thailand to discuss issues relating to the Thai-Muslim identity, participation in events, negotiations of Thai-Muslims in local communities and impunity.

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