Japan passes military bill, strengthens US alliance

Japan has approved a new security bill that will see the removal of geographical restrictions on where forces can operate, and allow participation in operations to defend allies for first time since World War II

Japan passes military bill, strengthens US alliance

World Bulletin / News Desk

Japan's cabinet has approved security bills that would significantly expand the scope of overseas operations by its Self-Defense Forces.

The decision Thursday represents a major change to the country's post-World War II exclusively defense-oriented security policy.

Kyodo news agency reported that the government is expected to submit the bills to parliament Friday. 

If passed, they would remove geographical restrictions on where the forces can operate, and under certain conditions participate in operations to defend security ally the United States and other allies for the first time since World War II.

Kyodo reported that the proposed legislation was reflected in Japan-U.S. defense guidelines revised April 27 amid security fears in the Asia-Pacific region.

China is seen to be flexing its muscles in the East and South China seas, while North Korea continues missile and nuclear weapons development.

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