Kashmir gripped by fear of 'braid-chopper'

Psychologists say braid-chopper who reportedly targets women is figment of imagination of people struck by conflict

Kashmir gripped by fear of 'braid-chopper'

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On Friday morning, a mob of more than a hundred people caught hold of a mentally challenged man in northern Jammu Kashmir’s Sopore town.

They stripped him, thrashed him, and built a fire in a paddy field.

As the mob chanted, “Kill him, push him into the fire”, the young man tried to beg his way out.

The man, who was later identified as Wasim Ahmed, after videos of the incident went viral on social media, became another victim of the growing incidents of mob violence, in a region where rumors are rife about the presence of a mysterious braid-chopper.

Harmeet Singh, the district police chief, said: “We rushed to the spot as soon as we heard of the incident and we rescued the young mentally challenged man from the people.”

“He always used to wander around the streets but today the people suspected him of being a braid-chopper,” he added.

In the past month, the braid-choppers have allegedly attacked 110 women, in the disputed region, and cut their hair. Almost all the incidents have taken place while the women were at home, and the cut hair have been left at the crime scene.



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