Lawyer's court statement stuns Pakistan's Musharraf

Former general, Pervez Musharraf was stunned by a member of his legal counsel's unplanned statement to the court.

Lawyer's court statement stuns Pakistan's Musharraf

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A member of counsel for Pakistan’s former military dictator General Pervez Musharraf, who is being tried for high treason by a special court in Pakistan, Wednesday dealt a major blow to his client.

Ibrahim Satti, one of 18 defense lawyers for Musharraf, stunned the court by stating that the former army chief had imposed a state of emergency in November 2007 in line with his prerogative, and understanding of the constitution.

This unexpected statement from the lawyer completely differed with Musharraf’s earlier testimony that he had imposed the state of emergency on the advice of the then Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz and had also consulted with other senior civil and military officials as well.

Satti then requested that the three-member special court headed by Justice Faisal Arab make his statement part of the court proceedings.

However, Musharraf rejected his lawyer’s statement saying he had not directed him to make such a statement to the court.

Musharraf has previously requested that all those who had advised and were consulted by him, also be tried for high treason, a plea legal experts see as a bid to weaken the case against him.

The former general toppled the elected government of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in a bloodless military coup in 1999, ruling Pakistan until 2008 when he himself dramatically fell from power and lived in self-imposed exile in the U.K. for four years.

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Bookchodia Gandu
Bookchodia Gandu - 7 yıl Before

More and more reports coming from Pakistan and USA that this man was hiding Bin Laden and lied to Pakistani People and to the whole world and steered the war to Afganistan. Well only god can save him. Pakistani Legal system is very strong on treasons.

the masked mosher
the masked mosher - 7 yıl Before

i got a question is it not considared treason to set up the army to be slaughterd by the taliban. to bomb the funerals of police men. to assinate buhto. they look up and tourcher the doctor that helpd us get benladen and they acuse musharif of tresson. you know he did not have to come back from exile...... and also that military bass were pakistan keeps its nukes, on the same day they send more than have of the soldiers on leave about 400 taliban fighters try to seig the bass .

George - 7 yıl Before

To heck with Musharrf. He has made billions (from the US). Who cares what happens to this snake in the grass?