Libraries opening the world for Kyrgyz youth

The capital of Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek, boasts 22 libraries with a children's library that hold world classics opening up a whole new world for the children of Bishkek

Libraries opening the world for Kyrgyz youth

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The libraries of Kyrgyzstan are a success story. With a population of just under a million people, the capital city of the Central Asian country contains a total number of  22 libraries of which the second largest library is the Kasimalı Bayalinov Children and Youth Library. The library, which was opened in 1962, was first  named after the famous Russian philosopher Nikolai Chernishevskiy however was renamed in 1993 after the famous Kyrgyz writer of childrens books, Kasimali Bayalinov, as a mark of respect for the declaration of independence from the former Soviet Union.

The library is located on Biskek 's Sovetskaya St and holds approximately 1 million printed works incorporated among 14 divisions. The collection contains many world classics and periodicals aimed at children and youth and library adds many new projects to its existing projects every year.

The head of the library, Madine Sıdıkov, spoke about the library saying that: "Our library is an institution inherited from the Soviet era. But it was renamed Kasımali Baylinov in 1993 and has restructured. We have 30 thousand young new members each year and as the membership increases so does too does our book collection. We also cooperate closely with various international institutions, including government, particularly on this issue. In addition we are also steadily working on several new projects. Currently we are working on a small puppet theater. We will also be our puppets soon and so we will greet our students in the new academic year with this wonderfull news".

On average the library has 150 visitors a day, with close to half a million books borrowed by members during the year. The Bayalinov Children and Youth Library has incorporated an electronic division and also provides a home delivery service for visually impaired readers. The library staff also provides story time reading sessions to young children who still cannot read reading fairy tales and stories to the children who are still too young to read.


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