Malaysia police to question ex-PM Mahathir on anti-govt comments

Mahathir earlier called for 'people's power' movement to topple Najib over a financial scandal

Malaysia police to question ex-PM Mahathir on anti-govt comments

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Malaysian police will call former premier Mahathir Mohamad to give a statement on allegations he made against Prime Minister Najib Razak at an anti-government rally in Kuala Lumpur on the weekend, a police spokeswoman said on Wednesday.

Mahathir, still an influential political figure in Malaysia, joined protesters twice at a two-day rally organized by the Bersih pro-democracy and anti-corruption activist group, and called for a "people's power" movement to topple Najib over a financial scandal.

"Tun (Mahathir) made several allegations in his speeches during Bersih that warrants police action," the spokeswoman said, adding that Inspector-General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar would call Mahathir to take his statement.

Speaking to the media at the rally on Sunday, Mahathir called Najib a corrupt leader and said people as a whole do not want him.

The rally was declared illegal by the authorities.

Mahathir is not in Malaysia this week and is expected to return next week, his aide, Sufi Yusoff, told Reuters.

"As far as I am aware he has not been approached by the police yet. We will comply with the police on whatever is needed," he said.

Mahathir, who as prime minister earned a reputation as a tough leader who did not tolerate dissent, said in a blog on Tuesday he did not agree with street protests but Najib had blocked every legal method to change the prime minister.

Mahathir and Najib are former allies, both members of the political party that has led coalition governments since the country's independence in 1957. Mahathir's defiance of the prime minister is unprecedented in Malaysia.

A source close to the government said he expected arrests of people associated with the rally over the next 24 hours.

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