MH370 crash: Search director rejects pilot ditch theory

New book claims pilot deliberately ditched plane, killing 239 on board

MH370 crash: Search director rejects pilot ditch theory

World Bulletin / News Desk

The official in-charge of Australia’s search for MH370 has rejected claims that the pilot deliberately ditched the plane that resulted in the deaths of 329 people on board.

The recently-released “MH370: Mystery Solved” book by Canadian crash investigator Larry Vance said after departure for Beijing from Kuala Lumpur, the pilot changed course to a spot over the unexplored area of the Indian Ocean and deliberately crashed the plane on March 8, 2014.

The book points out the fact that wing flaps were discovered on islands of Africa, well outside the flight path, while despite intense searches nothing has been found near or along the usual route.

But during questioning by an Australian Senate committee Tuesday, search director Peter Foley said the Malaysia Airlines plane more likely ran out of fuel, veered off course, and all on board were probably dead in the depressurized cabin and cockpit before the crash.

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