'Modernization' posters spotted in East Turkistan

Posters containing rules restricting religious activities were hang all over Ürümqi

'Modernization' posters spotted in East Turkistan

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Posters with the list of banned in China are hang all over Ürümqi by repressive authorities of East Turkistan. 

As it has been discovered by Anadoly Agency reporter, who visited the region, the posters contain rules that must be followed by Muslim Uyghur population. 

Hang by the local authorities in central areas of the city and crowded venues, the posters point out to some religious restrictions imposed by Chinese central government. 

The posters state that unofficial religious methods of marriage and divorce are banned. Besides, students who continue their education at school and minors are banned from praying, fasting and reading Qur'an. 

Xinjiang Civilizing Office-hang posters also remind that opening illegal Qur'an courses, gathering students for religious matters without a special permission, advertising religion at weddings, funerals and events as such is prohibited by Chinese law. 

Moreover, the posters tell that using concepts of "halal" and "haram" will be considered as crime on the ground of "religious extremism by spreading ideologies harming normal religious activities as well as bringing the foreign-funded radical religious tendencies into the country".




Güncelleme Tarihi: 08 Temmuz 2015, 15:18