Moro Muslims ask for help in improving education sector

Bangsamoro Organic Law allows Muslims to exercise greater autonomy to islands in southern Philippines

Moro Muslims ask for help in improving education sector

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Young Moro Muslims of the Philippines called on the international community, especially Turkey, for educational assistance to aid regional development.

The students in the region welcomed the approval of the Bangsamoro Organic Law by President Rodrigo Duterte in late July, calling it a new era of autonomous rule.

The law provides for increasing the legal and economic earnings of the Muslims in the region, giving greater autonomy to those living on the islands around Mindanao, which has a large Muslim population.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency, Hamira Almuna, student of public administration in Bangsamoro, said that young people need to contribute to development of the region, therefore education plays an essential role. 

"We expect educational support from foreign countries, especially countries which contribute to the peace process. Our regions needs manpower in different areas such as medicine, education and political science," she said.

Almuna said that educational support is especially expected from Turkey, which has played a crucial role in establishing autonomous rule in the region.

Datu Abdulsettal Zailon, who completed her masters in public health from Ege University in Turkey, said that with the approval of the Bangsamoro Organic Law the region had entered a new struggle.

"In this new era we will need educated people in Bangsamoro," he said.

Zailon said that for the progress and social development of Bangsamoro, doctors, engineers and experts in other technical fields are needed.

"We expect scholarships from Turkey and brothers and sisters from all over the world," he added.

"Education is one of the main keys to success and young people are the backbone of society," Ashleynur Alan, another student said.

"We will be instrumental in the success of Bangsamoro for this reason. Our young people should give importance to education and future generations should be better educated," she added.

Omar Ashraf, who did his masters at Turkey's Anadolu University, said that the level of education in the region is low.

"Rather then bringing educated people from foreign countries to our cities it would be healthier in the long-term to educate and specialize local students," he said.

More than 120,000 people lost their lives and 2 million people became refugees in over 40 years of conflict between the government and the Moro.

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