Mosques in Kyrgyzstan under pressure

53 mosque imams were questioned in Kyrgyzstan with 5 imams sacked

Mosques in Kyrgyzstan under pressure

Mezgil Isatov, Kyrgyzstan / World Bulletin

Kyrgyzstan, thought to be relatively free in terms of religion among other Central Asian republics, shows signs of restrictions over freedom of religion under the pretext of "terror".

After a number of explosions in Kyrgyzstan, authorities started pressuring mosques.

A meeting in the city of Osh in the south of the country, was held with the title of "Islam is against terrorism."

Kyrgyzstan Religion Committee Chairman Bolotbek Abdrahmanov, Mufti of Kyrgyzstan Cubak Haci Celilov, local government officials and members of the security organizations attended the meeting.

According to the information that presented at the meeting, 53 mosque imams have been questioned recently, and 5 imams have been sacked. The reason of dismissal is that imams' "stray from Islam." It is also reported that imams will have to take a special test in the coming days.

On the other hand, "Community committees on religion" will be entitled to solve disputes in accordance with the laws of freedom of religion and will start working.

Kyrgyzstan has now religious organizations whose number reach 2 thousand 270. About two thousands of them are Islamic organizations, while there are 360 Christian organizations and 14 organizations that are working for different religions.

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