Myanmar army targets Christian Kachin people in north

5,000 civilians forcefully displaced, 2,000 stranded in forests in army crackdown

Myanmar army targets Christian Kachin people in north

World Bulletin / News Desk

The Myanmar army which has been in the limelight for atrocities against Rohingya Muslims is now targeting Kachin people in the country's north.

Clashes between rebels and the army initially broke out in 2011 in Kachin State after 17 years of cease-fire. The violence in Myanmar is escalating, paving way for a new crisis and a possible ethnic cleansing wave.

According to the UN, more than 5,000 civilians were displaced from villages near the Chinese border in the last three weeks as a result of clashes between the Myanmar army and Kachin Independence Army (KIA). 

The displaced Kachins are mostly piled up at the China border while more than 2,000 are stranded in the forests.

A food convoy of the Myanmar Red Cross was reportedly prevented from entering a Kachin village last week, said the UN. 

Kachin Alliance president Gum San Nsang told Anadolu Agency the community was promised the right to self-determination and an autonomous state.

He said after independence the state managed its own affairs with minimum involvement by the central government. 

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