Myanmar 'militarizing' burnt Rohingya villages

Security bases are being built, bulldozing of Rohingya land, including mosques is being carrying out: Amnesty International

Myanmar 'militarizing' burnt Rohingya villages

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Myanmar authorities are building security force bases and bulldozing land where Rohingya villages were burned to the ground just months ago, according to international rights group Amnesty International Monday.

In its new report titled Remaking Rakhine State, Amnesty revealed through eyewitness testimony and expert analysis of satellite images how “flattening of Rohingya villages and new construction have intensified since January in areas where hundreds of thousands fled the military’s campaign of ethnic cleansing last year.

“New roads and structures are being built over burned Rohingya villages and land, making it even less likely for refugees to return to their homes.” 

The rights body warned that militarization in Myanmar’s Rakhine State was continuing at an "alarming pace".

Amnesty International’s Crisis Response Director Tirana Hassan said: “What we are seeing in Rakhine State is a land grab by the military on a dramatic scale. New bases are being erected to house the very same security forces that have committed crimes against humanity against Rohingya.

“This makes the voluntary, safe and dignified return of Rohingya refugees an even more distant prospect. Not only are their homes gone, but the new construction is entrenching the already dehumanizing discrimination they have faced in Myanmar.”

New construction has intensified in Maungdaw area since January when the Myanmar military admitted to the massacre of 10 Rohingya men.

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