Pakistan makes nuclear promise over Indian aggression

India has blamed Pakistan for a military unit attack with Pakistan denying charges and warning that it will use nuclear arsenal if necessary

Pakistan makes nuclear promise over Indian aggression

World Bulletin / News Desk

Pakistan on Tuesday warned it would not desist from using its nuclear arsenal in case of war with longtime rival India.

Defense Minister Khawaja Asif told local Express TV channel: "Pakistan has not developed these [nuclear] weapons to showcase. They are meant for our defense.

"I want to make it clear that Pakistan will go out and spare no option if Indian forces enter our territorial borders."

His remarks came amid heightened tensions between the two nuclear neighbors after a brazen militant attack on an Indian army headquarters in the disputed Kashmir region for which New Delhi blames Islamabad.

Pakistan denies the charge.

"Pakistan is fully prepared to counter any aggression from India in any form," Asif added.

According to international monitors' estimates, Pakistan and India possess around 100-110 and 80-100 nuclear warheads respectively.

The two arch rivals -- locked in a string of land and sea disputes -- have already fought three fully-fledged wars, two of them over Kashmir, since 1947. The disputed Kashmir region is divided between the two countries which both claim it in full. 

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