Pakistan puts off talks with Taliban committee

Pakistani government says talks will not be resumed until Taliban cease violence against security personnel...

Pakistan puts off talks with Taliban committee
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Peace talks between Pakistan's government and Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) will not progress unless TTP cease all violence against security forces, the government announced on Tuesday. 

The government's negotiating committee met with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Tuesday morning and released a statement after the meeting, saying negotiations about ending the Taliban's decade-long insurgency had been damaged by ongoing violence. 

“Situation has completely changed after Mohmind incident, and the committee is unable to continue peace talks until Taliban cease all violent activities,” the press release said in reference to the killing of 23 security personnel who had been kidnapped by the TTP in 2010.

The TTP on Sunday claimed the killing of 23 security troops in retaliation for deaths of its members in custody and targeted operations in various parts of the country.

“Talks were progressing satisfactorily until the Taliban-claimed blast in Karachi on February 13 killed 13 policemen in Karachi”, the press release said.

Following these incidents, the committee members have unanimously decided that holding talks with the Taliban committee in these circumstances will be a meaningless exercise, it added.

Maulana Sami-ul-Haq, a former parliamentarian, and head of the four-member Taliban negotiating committee called the government committee’s decision “deplorable”.

“If the government committee does not want to meet us, then we too do not have any eagerness to see them,” Sami told reporters.

 “We too are equally worried and sad over the killing of security troops. If we (both teams) had sit together, we could have reached on an understanding or decision in this regard”, Sami thought.

TTP spokesperson Shahidullah Shahid said the government and TTP shura are in discussions about a ceasefire. 

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