Pakistan's Imran Khan set to become new premier

Center-right Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party of Khan emerges as single largest party in Wednesday’s general elections

Pakistan's Imran Khan set to become new premier

World Bulletin / News Desk

Pakistan’s former cricket star Imran Khan is poised to become the new prime minister as his center-right party has emerged as the single majority party in Wednesday’s general elections marred by allegations of “manipulation” and “engineering”.

“This is a historic election. Allah has given me the opportunity to implement what I have dreamt of Pakistan,” an apparently jubilant Khan said in his long-awaited victory speech on Thursday.

“There is a tough task ahead. Winning elections is equally tough but the toughest one is to implement your manifesto,” he said.

“I want to follow the concept of the state of Madinah, which was the first welfare state in the history. My inspiration is to introduce that system of humanity in Pakistan, where all the people -- our laborers, farmers and other weak segments -- have equal rights,” Khan maintained.

Identifying corruption, poverty, illiteracy and unemployment as the core challenges, Khan pledged his would-be government  would do its best to overcome these challenges.

He announced that the prime minister house and all the four governor houses would be utilized for the public use.

“I will not live in the prime minister house. I will discuss with my party how to use the lavish prime minister house for the public,” he maintained.

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